Thursday, October 22, 2009

How to convert your blogger no follow blog to do follow

   1.Go to and login

   2. Go to dashboard -> click layout->Edit HTML

   3.Check the Expand Widget Templates.

   4. Press Ctrl+F to search the “no follow” code.. it looks like this.
   5. Delete the code : rel="nofollow". Your new code is : and click SAVE.

   6.Go to dashboard ->click settings -> Comments -> Find the Comment Form Placement and select Embedded below post The embedded comment form can not be used if you have Post Pages disabled. Then SAVE

   7.Now, Your “no follow blog” turns to “do follow”

Now, guys it's a time to convert your blog onto “do follow” ..winks ~_^

No Follow and Do Follow

No Follow Blog is code as – rel='nofollow'. As we all know has a default “no follow” attribute in comment links. That's why, search engines won't crawl those links.

Do Follow is the opposite of No Follow. Do Follow As we all know, do follow blog/s doesnt have “no follow”tag.When you post a comment, search engines will crawl those link. Do follow is the best way to get backlinks, increse traffic and your page rank.

Monday, October 19, 2009

My easiest way to earn Money

Have you ever noticed that other people seem get rich in easiest way? No effort at all. No stress but they earn enough earn money more than they want. Some people become rich through real estate. Big commission was there. Others achieved wealth in stocks or here in internet and others created greatly more than you did.

What do they have that you don't have? What kind of ability they applied? What will you need to do? The first thing what they have that you also need to do is to choose a friend. The most trusted close friend. A friend that won't let you down. Just like mine, My closest friend are always great when it comes to life strategy. If your friend knows about you then you need to know them too. If your friends are talking about the positively about the opportunities around, now is the time to get rich..

If you feel that your friend having a negative outlook the, try to encourage him/her. But remember don't do what he/she did. Your friend is your mirror.

How to earn money out of your friend? Sell Just kidding.

Long Chit-Chat with my friend Belle

My contract with was ended last June 14, 2009.. I was so sad and so deppressed because I really dont know what will happened next. Im just worried about my work shift, my next client and of course Im lonely coz it's a time to be alone. Haha! Just kidding aside. What I mean is.. there's one person that so special to me, her named was Belle she was my first teamate and she really captured my heart. She's not only my teamate and not only my seatmate but she's really close to my heart. She's acted my sister and bestfriend as well.

July, 2009 I got my next client and I was informed that I will be move to a graveyard shift. T_T I'll be working at night. Partly, Im sad but still I was happy then because most of “barkada” was there, and beside seat beside my special someone. LoL. But working at graveyard schedule is not easy, I feel that half of my life was lost and I can't find it anymore. LMAO..just kidding

As time goes by, I missed Belle. The person who used as my seatmate, my sister way back to day shift. I missed to talk to her. I missed her smile. Oh no! What's happening to me? I feel this all maybe she's been good to me all the time. And finally last saturday she set a time for us to talk. Hehehe.. We had a long chit-chat and we had a semi long time to talk, to laugh and to “tsismis” :-p

Loving Your Interest

Why people needs to find a job, or to put up a business? What's the reason behind in it? Yes! We do it because we need money to buy our daily needs such as food, shelter, clothes, medicine, education, transportation and etc. Only money are the reasons and nothing more. We can't deny the fact that we want an extra income. More bucks. More dollar. Sometimes, bucks from a job or a business is not enough for everything that we want. But, try to ask yourself. Do I love what I am doing? Do I love my job? Am I happy with my business?

Think for a while. Why I asked the above questions? Because, based on my experiences Im glad coz, I love my job. My work is my interest that's why aside from earning bucks I am enjoying as well. Yes, you heared me right I love internet, I love blogging and I love sharing my thoughts. That's why I am engaged in IT company right now. How blessed I am to have this kind of job. I love teaching. That's why I am a private tutor during weekend.

How about you? Do love what you do? Always take a step forward on what you love because doing what you love is a great step towards hapiness and a career success. Loving your interest is a best way to earn bucks. Yikes! Bravo. Simple yet true. Look forward and dont make yourself fool by having a job that can't give undoubted bliss to your life.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Make Money out your Blog

Anyway, Do you do blogging? What is blogging? Do you know that you can make money out of your blog? Is your blog friendly and are researcher/people read your blog?

The above questions are so simple and basic to have an idea about what I am talking about. Okay guys, let us learn on how to make Money Out your Blog!!!! Make your own blog first, you can make it through many sites but is the most friendly. Just sign up, follow the instructions given ther and after a few minutes you will own your own first blog. Just simply use your personal email (example: or as your userID and set passowrd (******), name your blog and make Url (sample:

Choose your template. Anything you want. provides free template upon signing up but if you dont like the theme you can change it anytime you want. (Nowadays, cool free blogger skin/theme are available on world wide web). Then you may start blogging now.

At first, no one will know about your blog. Email, Send Private message to your friends and share to them about your blog. Then if you dont know the blog of other people, try to ask Mr. Google. What I mean is... Search and Ask onto the internet. If you have already other blogger's blog don't forget to leave comments and introduce your blog. After that, go to your blog and also put any relevant “tags/keyword” in each blogpost which google uses to search. In that way, for sure people/internet users may find you even you don't know.

Promote also your blog by building a links. Some best ways are: Blog commenting, Forum Posting, Article Submission, Directory Submission and many more. Always remember that, everything are available on the internet. (yehey! sounds like easy..),...

Now you're done with your blog, it's promoted already. Now its the time to set up adsense, Go back to your blogger dashboard then simply add gadget and click the “adsense”.

What is adsense? AdSense is an ad serving application run by Google Inc. Website owners can enroll in this program to enable text, image, and more recently, video advertisements on their websites. These advertisements are administered by Google and generate revenue on either a per-click or per-impression basis. -Source wikipedia.

Since it is also own by google, Google will pay you in  $_$ Wow! Tested and Proven Nice way to earn Extra Income!

I am PerfectShine!

 I am Jean and I simply love the word "perfectshine". Why PerfectShine? Perfect+Shine=PerfectShine. :) I'm dreaming to have a "Perfect" Life and Wishing that someday it would be Shine! Lol, I dont understand what I am talking about. Nothing more explanation about it. Nice to meet you here guys, Enjoy and try to read my mind.

Welcome to my Blog!